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Due to the influx of new members and the increased security in the ILSL, ILSL is now requiring background checks for new members. To relieve the ILSL of liability we are requiring SELF background checks. The new process is as follows,

  1. Potential new member are to go to and run a SELF background check. Sentry charges 19.99 for a background check. The check usually takes between 1-4 days to complete.
  2. Once you have run your own background check and received the results (instantly or via email, share your report with ILSL by doing the below steps. Sentry Link will only allow you to share once so should you need to re-send, you can save a PDF of your report and securely email directly to:

  3. Sharing a Report on Sentry Link:

    1.Sign in to your account at our website, at:
    2.Across  the top, you will see a section called "My Account". Click on the "My Reports" option.
    3.On the My Reports and Payment page, click on the red box "List Reports and Payments" and you will see the description of your report. Click on your report, and you will see the report results again.
    4.Click on the red box that states "Share This Report"
    5.Then enter your recipient's Sentry Link Username which is Agree to terms of use and confirm by clicking the red box that states "I agree to these terms, please share my report"

    We will be notified that your report is ready to view. You may check on delivery status by going to My Account >My Shares. If your report is not reviewed in a reasonable amount of time, please contact your recipient directly.

  4. Once you have shared the results you can sign up on our registration form below.
  5. After signup we will review your registration as well as your background check and contact you by phone to verify your membership in the ILSL